The Level Generator Toolkit comprises of a bucket of functions (currently 42, including a few diagnostic functions) which can be used to create all kinds of procedurally-generated environments. The Toolkit is designed to help developers understand the contextual potential of all sorts of different algorithms and processes.

  • Full documentation is provided in the test environment above - simple click the 'Help!' button to toggle a dialog. 
  • If you want to see what the Toolkit is capable of, simply select an example from the drop-down list.

If you want to know more, request a feature, or report a bug, you can contact me:

  • Twitter: @chilly_durango
  • Email: alex [dot] jordan [dot] cook [at] gmail [dot] com
  • itch: Through the Discussion Board below


The Toolkit is written entirely in Construct 2, without the use of any plugins. In order to use the Toolkit, all you need is an Array and the Function object included in your project. You can then either copy individual functions into your project as required and begin implementing them, or simply include the entire project as an Event Sheet Include.

The functions are written to be:

  • Portable - They can easily be transported from project to project with very little interference
  • Isolated - They require nothing but a few objects to run, and can take as little or as much input as the developer requires
  • Flexible - Most functions provide many different potential uses, each of which can be tweaked with just a few parameters
  • Fast  - Each function has been through many stages of optimisation, and many different algorithms have been tested for each purpose
  • Reliable - The included pseudo-random number generator ensures results can be reliably repeated again and again, and each algorithm is crafted to ensure nothing is truly left to chance

Flow diagram from test environment to C2 capx

The toolkit is no longer under development, but it is still supported by the developer where possible. For more information about using the CapX in your projects, see this devlog.


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0_17_CAPX.capx 259 kB
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0_25_NOPLUGINS_CAPX.capx 281 kB
0_25_PLUGINS_CAPX.capx 282 kB
0_26_PLUGINS_CAPX.capx 299 kB
0_26_NOPLUGINS_CAPX.capx 298 kB
0_34_NOPLUGINS_CAPX.capx 302 kB
0_34_PLUGINS_CAPX.capx 303 kB 357 kB
0_36_NOPLUGINS.capx 308 kB
0_36_PLUGINS.capx 309 kB
0_38_NOPLUGINS.capx 308 kB
0_38_PLUGINS.capx 309 kB
0_40_BAREBONES.capx 269 kB
0_42_BAREBONES.capx 273 kB
0_42_NOPLUGINS.capx 315 kB
0_42_PLUGINS.capx 316 kB

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