0.10 RELEASE - Crop, Tunnel, Palette Printing


Version 0.10 brings a new function, and some useful extensions to other functions. For a complete change-log, see the documentation in the sandbox above.

New Function: Crop

The Crop function removes columns and rows from the edge of the map that don't contain cells that match Function.Param( 1 ). If Function.Param( 2 ) is "preserve" then the last columns and rows removed are replaced at the end of the process. It is useful for restricting the size of the map to ensure other processes don't take longer than necessary.

New Connection Method: Tunnel

When using the Connect function, a second parameter can now be passed. If Function.Param( 2 ) reads "tunnel", the corridors which adjoin the different parts of the map will be winding tunnels rather than straight lines. This is useful for creating more natural paths, such as footpaths, caves or mines, or rivers. The parameter can be passed as a pair, such as "tunnel:n", where n is the allowed over-shoot of the tunnels when attempting to reach their goal. Higher numbers here will make the tunnels much less direct.

A gif showing both tunnelling and crop in action

New Printing Method: Palette

In place of the second parameter of print, where one would place the mathematical operator used when comparing the maps, one may now place the pair "palette:n" where n is the ID of a tile. In the sandbox, the first 36 cells are a restricted palette. From ID 36 onward, cells are assigned a single colour from the hue wheel, up to ID 300. See the 'A Walk in the Woods' example to see how this works.

A larger version of A Walk in the Woods which uses the Prim algorithm to add buildings

Sandbox Feature: Feedback Panel

A long-overdue feature - the feedback panel provides the user with data about the process. For each step performed, the duration and starting seed is recorded. This makes it much easier to identify bottlenecks in your processes


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Jun 05, 2017

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