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Level Generator Toolkit

42 functions for making procedurally-generated environments & art in Construct 2/3 · By chilly_durango


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'Barebones' Capx
0.40 represents a small step really, but hopefully quite a useful one. Until now, documentation on implementing the Toolkit has been poor. In an effort to help...
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New Directions Again
If you follow me on twitter or have seen any of my posts on /r/procgen or /r/pixelart recently, you'll have noticed I've been using the Toolkit a lot more for g...
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Introducing Evie
Evie (full name Evelyn Bleurgh) is a new addition to the Toolkit, and will be available to users and developers in the coming weeks. She is a Markov Chain gener...
0.10 RELEASE - Crop, Tunnel, Palette Printing
VERSION 0.10 RELEASE Version 0.10 brings a new function, and some useful extensions to other functions. For a complete change-log, see the documentation in the...
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Using the CapX
Using the CapX The 'Array' Object The 'Array' object you'll find in the capx is the one all of the functions work on. If you want to store data created using th...
Palette, Process & Stored View
Version 0.7 adds three new diagnostic tools: palette view, process viewing, and stored view. See the attached gifs for examples of how these output. Palette vie...