Returns two genres to be mixed for Mix & Game Jam. Not so much an entry, just something I did for my own purposes while noodling; anyone else getting a late start might find useful. Uses 66 or so genres found on the wikipedia list of genres, minus a few duds - use the comments to suggest any that might be missing.

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life simulator/horror

i think it broke.

its confusing

If you click the Another One button it usually fixes that :) 66 times out of 67 at least.

construction and management sim/horror ?

SuperHElpful !

Yeah kinda helpful


This helped me a lot. Thank you!

lmao i found this too late, already made a concept and came here to find this, too late to turn back now!


educational battle royale

fortnite math

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Learn colors and shapes with Jonesy!

that sounds like something a teacher would say when there trying to be "hip and cool" with there students

lmao true

Thank you :)


Thanks for the project, it's help a lot.

Just an idea, separate the genrers by a cross or some kind of symbol to clarify two selected genrers.


I like this and thank you! Implemented, uploading now.


it give me a really good idea thanks dude.


Mission accomplished, boys.