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A selection of low-poly firearms. Originally made in Sketchup, and cleaned in Blender.  Triangle count is low across the board, the highest being the AK ringing in at a luxurious 270 triangles. All the parts you'd expect (slides, triggers, cylinders, pumps, magazines, etc) are all separate models for the purposes of animation, ready for use as untextured meshes, configured for Y+ = up, Z+ = forward (Unity compatible out-of-the-box). There's four of each type of weapon from a range of time periods. 

• Luger
• Detective Revolver
• 1911
• Handcannon

• Sawn-off
• Hunting Shotgun
• Stubby Pump
• Stock Pump

Submachine Guns
• Sterling
• Vektor

Assault Rifles
• Semi-Auto Rifle
• AK
• M4

These assets are provided for free (although donations are appreciated!), are licensed under the CC0 1.0 Universal license, requiring no attribution - although if you use them in anything, I'd love to hear about it. Leave a message on the discussion board if so, or if you have any problems or requests :)  If you want to see these models textured, check out this post here


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these are awesome, they really fit the "low poly" style

does this work on GODOT or what

Yes :)

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i also dont know how  to make an project in godot

These look great! 

Thank You Will Be Using this for my Godot

 fps game

Very good retro models! I will use them and add a few textures to the ones i can.

Thankyou! The models are put together with texturing in mind, so I hope that works out - check out this post for my attempt at texturing the Python, if you haven't already :)