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Knave's Tales is a coffee-break/casual roguelike made in seven days for the 7DRL jam 2023. Pick a character, fight monsters, collect loot, unlock doors, and survive to explore the whole map.

Developer's Note:

What's uploaded right now is a kinda 'safety' upload - I'd love to get more done before the end of the jam, but I don't think I'm gonna be able to stay awake too much longer. Right now it's playable and losable, but not completable, and unbalanced. This has been a lot of fun, but very draining, and I probably took on more than I should have - my car is all busted up right now (donations appreciated!) and I live in the middle-o-nowhere so I was housebound the whole time, which probably didn't help. Might've went a lil stir-crazy. Anyway, thanks to anyone playing, especially those giving feedback, and massive congratulations to all the other succesful entries in 7DRL2023 :)

• Left-click for everything - double-click to attack.

Known bugs:
• There's no end yet
• Difficulty curve and balancing is quite broken
• There is a *rare* possibility in which a map may be un-completable
• Save/load is implemented, but had to be pulled last-minute because it was broken


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Well, I am quite the muppet. When I disabled save/load, I used a quick fix that would just reset the game after death to bypass the load menu. That reset apparently includes the seed of the random generator - meaning you always see the same level. I cannot believe I missed that. Regardless - I really appreciate you taking so much time with my little game, and giving so much valuable feedback. I haven't sat down to do any dev stuff since the end of this jam, but I'll open the project later and see if I can fix a few bugs to make the current version a little more enjoyable.

Ahhh thanks for the comments on getting past the statues - I got stuck in my play through https://youtu.be/mtkJiBvOxhM


How is one meant to get past the ancient statues? Couldn't figure it out.

(2 edits)

You should be able to find an altar which will accept a sacrifice of a given type of corpse. Find the right kind of corpse, bring it to the altar, and the shrine will crumble. Apologies that this wasn't made clearer - but thanks for playing! I really appreciate the feedback. A lot of things got left on the cutting room floor, one of which was a 'quests' dialog which would track these things for you - I'll try and make it a priority to bring that back in the first post-jam update, along with a bit more variety in how to unblock barriers.