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Prefab Placer is a Unity Editor Tool designed to make scene creation fast. It adds an overlay to the Scene view providing quick access to all of the prefabs in your project, with multiple ways to filter results, and a full suite of transform tools to get those prefabs into the scene with minimal interruption. It draws a preview into the scene where the prefab will be placed, and can react to collisions and surface normals to make placement easy.


  • Prefab browser - Quickly find the right prefab with color-coded filters and mouse-over thumbnails
  • Filtering system - Filter prefabs according to their asset path, or any special classes you might want quick access to
  • Scene editing tool - One tool to position, rotate, scale, delete, and copy prefabs, with customisable snapping increments
  • Preview in-scene - Draws a preview of the prefab at your mouse position, so you can see how it will fit before you place it
  • Multi-select - Select multiple prefabs, and the tool will pick at random from the selected list
  • Randomiser - Set random parameters for rotation and scale, perfect for distributing large amounts of debris, rocks, or vegetation

No dependencies, windows, classes, or extra files are added; just drop Placer.cs anywhere in your project, select the tool from the bar, and you’re good to go. When you want it gone just delete it, and the tool will disappear without leaving a trace. It’s also fully customisable, with its own in-built settings GUI.

Alpha: This tool has been used extensively in Unity 2020.3 on Windows. The purpose of the alpha is to discover environments or contexts in which the tool doesn't work, and how many of those can be gotten working. Please report any issues you encounter using the community section of this page, as they will be invaluable to development.


Placer.cs 55 kB