Play four fun mini-games as you explore the town, earning money as you go. Buy a house, sleep in your own bed - all the pleasures of free life, right in your pocket!

- A whole bunch of fun games, from splitting logs to chasing chickens to keeping the town's streetlight's lit!
- Buy a house and outfit it with nice things
- Dozens of characters with unique lines of dialogue
- Beautiful day / night cycle which will affect your mini-games
- All original hand-drawn artwork
- Two original compositions by @carlospazuzu

The game autosaves your progress whenever you win a game - you don't need to do a thing! Just re-load the game and start playing again!

>>>What's missing?
- The intro level, in which your Mom throws you out.
- More minigames, natch.
- More music. Carlos did amazing so late in the day, I wish he could have had time to write more songs! Check out @carlospazuzu if you need game music!
- The day/night cycle was to affect more than just lighting etc - shops and jobs would close, others would open, some NPCs wouldn't be around etc.
- One or two of the delivery missions are broken - only exposed this a few hours after the jam ended. Boo!

Thanks to all on itch and Twitter for love and support during jam. Going to sleep now, for the first time in a week it feels!

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