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How exactly do you finish the game? I wiped out everyone at the Gem Saloon, and ended up with some figure following me around - wasn't sure if that was Amanda or another villain. The only interaction you have with them is to fight them, though, and after that, nothing happens.

There are some bugs regarding the ending - however you found Amanda! And you now need to return to the start. Sorry she isn't much to look at :(

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Heh. Well, when I return to start, I get a "Fried toast!" you-lost-the-game screen. So definitely some bugs to fix.

Also, after doing that, my progress is saved such that every time I load this page and start the game, I get "Fried toast!" and can't actually play.

GOSHDARNIT! I thought I had that particular bug licked. I'm real sorry, man. If you clear your cache for this page, it should at least allow you to play again. I'm really sorry to everyone who's had this bug, I just can't seem to replicate it any more, and I've tried everything I can think of to fix it 'blindly' :(

Wow! This is really cool. I love the art and color palette. The gameplay itself is a real treat too, as it's simple, but also manages to be interesting. I'd love to see a mobile release of this.

Keep those fingers crossed...

Nice! Love the music

Pretty cool game !

Awesome art !

Thanks - it rides off the back of another tileset of mine, originally made for Tiny Town Saga (that's why I named them similarly). I released the spritesheet, you can grab it here:

What a nice thing to do ! I really liked your art style !

Great game. Love the art and the music. yeah a button to skip the intro would be great.

There is one now! Just click / tap anywhere on screen :)

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it is a really cool game, some feedback:

  • a key to jump the first cutscene.
  • some indicators to know where you can move  or where you are shooting at .

Excellent work :D