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What happened to this game, and the developer? Haven't seen anything in years. Game was on google play, but was removed. It's like the game, and the developer disappeared. Would of been nice to see this game on other platforms like Steam, and Switch.

Great game! I really like infinite/procedural games and this one is pretty addicting. The simple controls are a plus. I just think it could use a bit more content- more variety in enemies, more interesting weapons, etc. as you move up. Hopefully that will be a part of the full version. Also it's kind of frustrating how when you are down to one life it's very difficult to recover since you barely get any lift. It also breaks the flow a bit when you have to stop for a few seconds to refuel all the time but I don't really see any way around that.

As far as music goes I'm an amateur musician and I'd love to work on a soundtrack for this game. I'm not the greatest of all time but I think I can do better than this placeholder track. I can try to have a demo track ready sometime next week (assuming you haven't found someone else to do it yet). If you want to hear other stuff I've made my soundcloud page is also thrifstor.

Hey - thanks for the kind words! There's a big update due soon, to the itch, Scirra and Google Play versions of the game, which will add a significant amount of new content to both free and pro versions of the game. I enjoyed listening to your catalogue on soundcloud, and there are some tracks in there which are really close to what I want. Specifically I'm after industrial and military themed chiptunes, if you think you can handle that brief? If you want to keep in touch I'm @chilly_durango on Twitter, and the game has its own facebook page at :)

Can't DM you on twitter, you have it set so you can only get DMs from people you're following. I saw you already posted the soundtrack update yesterday but I figure I'll send you the demo I made anyways:

Good luck on the game, I've been enjoying it so far.

Nice concept and art... music is a tad annoying.. also - the camera really needs work - maybe just follow the players position absolutely... the cushioning made it almost impossible to play.

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Thanks for the feedback! I'll tweak the camera for the next update, which should be some time today :)

The music is placeholder, realistically speaking I'll launch with some original audio. I'm trying to source at the moment - if any artists are reading this?

EDIT: Camera has been tweaked - let me know what you think :) Also, feature add - crates and weapons!